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Courses that save much more than they cost

Lately we all have learned that a very little difference of temperature can cause enormous consequences. The global temperature has increased some tenths of a degree C. More was not needed to see the arctic ice masses start melting and, more close to us living in Scandinavia, make golf possible on green grass on New Year's Day.

This shows the importance of precision at temperature measurements. The global heating is so small that it would vanish in the normal measurement errors of the industry. It highlights how important it is to know how and what you are measuring and your ability to evaluate the results correctly. Pentronic's courses improve your ability to measure and to evaluate the results. This knowledge can be turned into reducing whole degrees of measurement errors which in turn creates bases for better product quality, less production faults and reduced costs in your business.

Training in temperature measurements can be a more lucrative investment than buying new advanced instruments. And when it is time for instrumentation purchases you have got better knowledge to make wise decisions. Thus, we dare promising that the Pentronic course saves much more than its cost.

Course at your location 

Course at your company

Are your measuring problems internal affairs, have you trouble being away from the location or are several persons to be trained at the same time?

The solution is a training course at your location. Pentronic has the ability to perform the regular course or tailor a course for your needs and we bring the necessary training equipments. We are experienced of both ways, for large or small groups. Also in English language.

The training material can be the equipment used by the department or used in the process of the company, completed with equipment from Pentronic if necessary. The result will be new know-how that directly could be applied in your own work. Through the years Pentronic has trained technicians at many wellknown companies of the Scandinavian countries. There is a list of them in the Swedish training course brochure. See Useful links above.

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A training course at your company makes us focus on your measurement questions and problems. In other words, we tailor the course for your needs.

ST1 - Traceable temperature measurement 1

The original course at Pentronic

The first course was held in 1991 and has continuously been suited to fulfill the require-ments of knowledge today. Many companies see this course as a driver's licence for techni-cians measuring temperature in one way or another.

The course starts with a theoretic part describing laws of nature, different measurement sensors and continues with practical laboratory lessons in calibration and sources of errors to be concluded by analyzing the measurement uncertainty. After two days you know where to find the problems and the realistic level of accuracy of your measurements.

No formal education is needed. On the other hand it makes it easier if you work with measurements and can relate to these.


The course takes two days. You have the teachers around all time and you are able to discuss your measurement questions with them


  • Laws of nature influencing the measurements
  • Thermocouples, properties and sources of errors
  • Pt100/Pt1000, properties and sources of errors
  • Using IR-pyrometers practically
  • Methods of calibration and quality assurance
  • 7 hands-on laboratory experiments
  • Traceability and measurement uncertainty practically applied to three calibration exercises
  • The course is finished by visiting Pentronic's accredited temperature laboratory and the manufacturing department for sensors

Location and times

The Västervik Stadshotell. The course starts at 09.00 day 1 and finishes 16.00 day 2.

Number of participants

Maximum 14 participants at each course to get two people in each laboratory exercise. If less than 8 participants we reserve us the right to offer a later occasion.


Contents: Michael Steiner or Jonas Bertilsson.
Booking: Camilla Gustafsson.



ST1-lab 7-3komb

The three pictures above show a hands-on laboration where the student obviously realizes what will happen when the conditions of 2-, 3- and 4-wire configurated Pt100-sensors are violated.


The hands-on training is held in the "class room" at the Västerviks Stadshotell which has a temperature environment compareable with modern industry spaces. The equipments we use are easily movable.

ST2 - Traceable temperature measurement 2

Continuation course

The hardest of all pedagogic problems is called the Educational paradox. We do not know what knowledge we will need. Thus there is a measure of truth in a worn out joke from the academic world: Still confused but on a higher level.

The first Pentronic course, the ST1, gives you more than knowledge. You also will be aware of that you need to learn more. The ST2 course was created to take care of the attendant questions. It lasts in three days and is partially controlled by the participants' wishes. One day is reserved for Pentronic's accredited calibration laboratory which will be closed to its ordinary work. Time for discussions, individually or with the whole group, about your questions is available.


The following list looks like the contents of the ST1 but the headlines of the ST2 means digging deeper into the subjects combined with more examples:


  • Heat transfer with examples
  • More about Pt100-sensors and instrumentation
  • More about thermocouples and error sources
  • More about IR-pyrometers and error sources
  • Practice in calibration, simulation, finding Seebeck coefficients using the facilities of the accredited laboratory
  • Background to and calculation of measurement uncertainty using the GUM-method


Location and times

The Västervik Stadshotell. The course starts at 09.00 day 1 and finishes 16.00 day 3. Day 2 is spent in Pentronic's laboratory.

Number of participants

Maximum 12 participants at each course to get two people in each laboratory exercise. If less than 8 participants we reserve us the right to offer a later occasion.


Contents: Michael Steiner or Jonas Bertilsson.
Booking: Camilla Gustafsson.





Pictures from a ST2-course. The practice is held at Pentronic's accredited laboratory, which has to be closed to other customers this day.

Our Course Team

The course "Traceable temperature measurement 1" has been given since 1991 at several times per year. The most important explanation is that the courses are held and developed by a closely united group that daily works with customers' questions. By our contacts with customers we get a picture of what is asked for in this branch. The accredited laboratory keeps us updated with its own findings and new methods and standards.

Camilla _Gustafsson

Camilla Gustafsson

Administers the courses from start to end. She receives the applications, checks the ”stand-bye lists”, answers questions, welcomes the participants to the visit at Pentronic as well as making copies of the documentation of the latest version.


Michael Steiner

Sales engineer who started his career in the accredited laboratory in 1994, where he during a period was responsible for calibration of IR-pyrometers. Today Michael works directly with the customers advising and solving measurement problems.



Jonas Bertilsson

Started his career with Pentronic in 1990 in the accredited laboratory. Today Jonas works as sales engineer. He is working close to Pentronic's customers giving advice and designing customized solutions of measurement or calibration.


Booking information

Regular courses in Swedish at Västervik

See the corresponding Swedish page by clicking on the Swedish flag at the top of the page.


Training course at your company

If you wish to know more about arranging a temperature course (in English or Swedish) at your location just call Camilla Gustafsson, phone +46 490 25 85 09 or mail to